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CTR Rings


As one of the most popular and best-selling items we carry, the CTR ring, for many Mormons, is more than just a symbol of faith. It is both a pledge to oneself and others and a reminder of a way of life. More than a mere fashion statement, the ring began as a "badge of belief" with its daily reminder to always "Choose the Right".

With the announcement of the new "CTR" curriculum in 1970, CTR rings were given out to any of the children participating in the program. Along with the gift, they were taught the meaning of the symbolic ring and how it could help them make the right decisions when needed. The program has enjoyed continuous success and is still a fundamental part of church life for all LDS children.  Today the CTR symbol is manufactured on a variety of LDS gifts and LDS jewelry pieces an in over 30 different languages throughout the world. Both youth and adult members of the church wear their CTR badges with pride as they keep true to their commitment to both the church and its beliefs. 


Bow CTR Ring

Bow CTR Ring

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