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“Growing up, I watched every Living Scriptures video I could get my hands on. My favorite videos were Daniel from the Old Testament and Thomas Edison. Now, my kids will have access to all the videos I love, plus all the new videos they’ve added.”

James Perry, Studio C


Change the media influence in your home.

Our entire library is made up of faith-building movies and audio stories especially for LDS families. Imagine a more peaceful, cooperative feeling with scripture stories playing on your TV! (Hey, it could happen.)

Stream family friendly, gospel based videos anywhere you have internet access. Watch on ROKU, Chromecast, on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone. 

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New Videos Added Every Week

Our library has over 500 family-friendly audio and video titles ranging from comedies to children’s movies, and everything in between. We release 4 new titles each week, keeping our library fresh with new content. You’ll never have to worry about finding the right video to watch and you’ll certainly NEVER run out of options! Check out our newest additions:

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