Memorizing the Articles of Faith has never been simpler! Make learning the Articles of Faith fun and exciting with these uniquely designed scroll pens. Perfect for all ages.

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Great product

So excited to give these to our newly turning eight Activity Girls! Great quality and price. Thanks!

Write and Learn

I really like these pens and I plan to give them as gifts. I think they are neat

Great pen, but a little fragile

We've bought quite a few of these pens over the years. Virtually every child thinks they're fantastic! Some kids can take care of them, and some can't. The scroll is PAPER. Paper can tear. As long as most kids understand that, they'll treat the pen accordingly. If not, the coolest part of the pen will become unusable.

Kids Love 'em!

This is a GREAT pen. While it still has to be treated gently, the sheer novelty of the scroll is a blast for kids. They can't resist it.